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Creating Profitable Certification Programs

February 25, 2015  | By  | Leave a comment

Certification is a buzzword in the assn world and few would argue that offering a certification isn’t a great idea. Over the past few decades, there has been a proliferation of certifications (in the thousands) develop across industries and professions with nonprofits leading the way. But many nonprofits do not create a business and marketing plan that realistically outlines the long-term investment needed to develop and sustain a profitable program.

Thinking of Developing a Certification Program? The Top 5 Things You Need to Do

February 18, 2015  | By  | Leave a comment

Christine Niero, Ph.D. Over the past few decades thousands of certification programs have proliferated, several in industries that didn’t even... View Article

Sorting Through Credentialing Confusion: Understanding the Differences Between Certificate and Certification Programs

February 11, 2015  | By  | Leave a comment

It’s confusing enough that we live in a credentialing society where the use of acronyms proliferate.  Adding to the confusion is the misuse of key credentialing terminology, in particular, when “certification” is used interchangeably with, and as the outcome of, “certificate” and training programs.  If you are thinking about developing a credentialing program, understanding the differences between “certification” and “certificate” programs will help you determine the best type of program for your profession.

Credentialing Examinations

February 4, 2015  | By  | Leave a comment

The lifeblood of every credentialing body is its credential examinations.  Although sometimes in addition to experience and education, credentialing exams... View Article