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Behind the Schemes Understanding ISO/IEC 17024 Clause 8 Webinar



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Clause 8​ ​of the ISO/IEC 17024​,​ Conformity assessment—General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons​,​ requires certification bodies (CBs) to develop and implement schemes in alignment with competency requirements.  What exactly is a scheme?  What are the implications for CBs with existing schemes, and how can emerging CBs develop schemes that meet this requirement?

Clause 8 permits CBs to implement schemes owned by another entity. ​What does this mean for certification organizations? How can organizations ​take advantage of this? What is required? Does this present new business opportunities?

​After leading the first non-CB owned scheme to be developed and ANSI approved, and achieving accreditation for clients with existing schemes, Professional Testing’s Cynthia D. Woodley​, Ed.D.​ and Christine Niero, Ph.D.  ​share case studies and lead a discussion on the process and options for creating certification scheme​s​ meeting Clause 8 of ISO/IEC 17024. They will share insights about future scheme development and how ​best to ​seize this opportunity.


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