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Lertap 5! – Free Mini Version


Lertap 5 is an Excel-based system for processing results from quizzes, tests, and surveys.  It provides best-in-class summaries of item performance, and makes full use of Excel graphics to assist the interpretation of results.

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Product Description

Lertap 5 is the fifth edition of the Laboratory of Educational Research Test Analysis Package.  Running as an “app” within Microsoft Excel, it is an all-in-one tool for entering and importing data, analyzing results, and generating summary reports, many with colorful graphics.

Capable of processing hundreds of test items and thousands of test takers, Lertap 5’s reports cater to users of CTT (classical test theory), with extensive support for professionals engaged in certification and licensing.  It will handle polytomous cognitive and affective items, and includes capabilities for partial-credit scoring.

Lertap 5 supports users of IRT (item response theory) programs such as Xcalibre, Bilog MG, EIRT, and SAS.  Any program capable of reading Excel worksheets can easily pick up data from Lertap 5.  The item and test performance analyses recommended by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, ICE, are fully covered in Lertap 5.

Initially released in 2001, Lertap 5 has set benchmarks for item analysis software.  Feedback and requests from users continues to drive frequent enhancements.  See user testimonials here, and a summary of updates here.

The Lertap 5! – Mini Version is free for all users, but is limited to the use of 50 records – to purchase a full Lertap 5 license capable of processing more than 50 records go to

Lertap 5’s features include:

  • Excel base, making it easy to use
  • A simple, powerful control language
  • Unparalleled item scoring capabilities
  • Numerous charts, graphs, and plots
  • Online context-sensitive help
  • Gestalt output with quick overviews
  • Numerous sample datasets
  • Group differences analyses, including DIF
  • Cheat checking
  • Comprehensive item flags (best in the business)
  • Many advanced features; may be programmed
  • Unequaled documentation and support

Documentation includes a manual, sample datasets, a series of technical papers, online help, and, within the application itself, context-sensitive help.

Please refer to the following links for more information.

Wikipedia’s page on psychometric software
Concise overview and introduction (PDF file)
Summary of main features
Documentation and related resources
Sample datasets
IRT in Lertap 5 (PDF file)
National achievement assessment example

If you are interested in purchasing individual, education, or commercial licenses for Lertap, please go to


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