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Who Accredits the Accreditor?

April 20, 2017  | By  | 1 Comment

Who accredits the accreditor? I was just recently asked this question.  To answer this question, we must go back and... View Article

Intellectual Property Protection for Certification Organizations

February 22, 2017  | By  | Leave a comment

By Richard Bar, Esq., Partner, GKG Law Credentialing organizations have unique intellectual property issues that do not apply to other... View Article

ISO/IEC 17024 Implementation Around the World

October 6, 2016  | By  | 2 Comments

ISO/IEC 17024: Conformity Assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons was originally published by the International Organization... View Article

Designing a Test with Accessibility in Mind

March 30, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Testing organizations have a legal obligation to provide a broad range of test accommodations, based on the 2008 amendment to... View Article

Finding the Right Consultant for Accreditation

March 23, 2016  | By  | 2 Comments

Certification bodies (CBs) seek third-party accreditation[i] for various reasons, among them: evidence that the CB is meeting an independent third-party... View Article

Senate Hearings Hammer Licensing

March 16, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

In his 1966 book “The Psychology of Science” Abraham Maslow quoted “If your only tool is a hammer then every... View Article

Good News about Third-Party Owned Personnel Schemes

February 25, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Here is some good news. Recently the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced its approval of four Better Buildings Workforce... View Article

International Standards Organizations: Defining ISO

February 10, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Professional certification bodies can do more than demonstrate conformity to international standards for the certification of persons. They can get... View Article

Debunking a Few Myths About Certification

February 4, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

“Many people take offense when the narratives they believe to be true are called myths,” Wikipedia explains. “This usage is... View Article