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Calling all Credentialing Organizations: Join a Movement Driving the Future Credentialing Ecosystem

February 8, 2017  | By  | Leave a comment

By Roy A. Swift, Ph.D., Executive Director, Workcred What do credentials really mean, anyway? Are they truly valuable or worth... View Article

What is a Psychometrician?

January 25, 2017  | By  | Leave a comment

A psychometrician is a professional who practices the science of measurement, or psychometrics.  Psychometrics is the field of science associated... View Article

Subject Matter Experts – Managing them as a Valuable Asset

December 13, 2016  | By  | 

Co-authored by Vincent Lima and David Cox. In addition to their mission critical human capital contributions, Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)... View Article

Write Item Variants to Save Money and Improve Test Quality

December 6, 2016  | By  | 

An item variant is simply a new test item that is based on an existing test item. Writing item variants... View Article

First, Second and Third Party: What Does it Mean in Certification of Persons?

September 28, 2016  | By  | 2 Comments

ISO/IEC 17024 Conformity Assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons is a standard designed to be used... View Article

Why Certification?

August 17, 2016  | By  | 2 Comments

This is a question we ask many organizations seeking to develop a certification program. It’s not that we want to... View Article

Subject Matter Experts – The Selection Process

July 13, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Co-authored by Vincent Lima and David Cox. One of the most valuable and often under managed assets of certification programs... View Article

Accreditation – Clients Share Their Stories

June 29, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Professional Testing, Inc. has been leading certification bodies through the accreditation process for several years and is proud to share... View Article

The Drag and Drop – Why, When, and How to Use this Item Type

June 22, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Overview The Drag and Drop (DD) item typically includes a list of elements that the examinee is asked to associate... View Article

Segmentation: It’s How You Slice It

June 15, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

When it comes to marketing credentialing programs, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your... View Article