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Accreditation – Clients Share Their Stories

June 29, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Professional Testing, Inc. has been leading certification bodies through the accreditation process for several years and is proud to share... View Article

The Drag and Drop – Why, When, and How to Use this Item Type

June 22, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Overview The Drag and Drop (DD) item typically includes a list of elements that the examinee is asked to associate... View Article

Segmentation: It’s How You Slice It

June 15, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

When it comes to marketing credentialing programs, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your... View Article

Webinar Recap – Behind the Schemes: Understanding ISO/IEC 17024, Clause 8

June 9, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Professional Testing conducted a webinar “Behind the Schemes:  Understanding ISO/IEC 17024, Clause 8” on July 7, 2016.  The purpose of... View Article

Evaluating New Item Types for Usability

June 1, 2016  | By  | Leave a comment

Usability testing can significantly enhance the quality of alternative item types and is one method used in incorporating Universal Design... View Article